martes, 12 de febrero de 2013

it's safari time !!!

Yes.... ladies and gentleman, it's safari time!!!

I't`s amazing how many vids of belly dancers in safaris are on youtube., safari is something fun to
do, you can interact with people, invite them to dance even teach them little bit...the whole point of
safari is to make your audience HAPPY!!.

Most of the people who goes safari in middle east are tourists, they come in here, and after go shopping, go to the top of burj khalifa and visit the main nightclubs in town., they have this overwhelming feeling to get the touch of the real arab experience, to dress up with ghandoora and abaya , sit in  the dunes of the amazing arab desert, smoke sheesha and listen to authentic arabian tunes.

Sooo our tourist friends call some well known safaris companies in UAE and get a package that can offer this.. sure by the end of the evening the belly dancer or dancers will be included!

Now, I think more or less you got the idea of the safari for the people, you come,eat,drink tea, smoke sheesha, ride camels and by nightfall will see belly dance show.. make lots of pics and film a long video of the "show"..  by the end of your holidays you come home and post this vid on youtube.

Now, the second part, once the video is online there's 100's of bad comments, people (most of them dancers) who make remarks to this "very bad dancer" !!
Sure not each one of them is great, but in their favor, and as the experience I got dancing in safaris as well... I can tell you this.

*You  cannot expect a belly dancer do the same as she is in a theater
*Most of the time, the floor is sand which is cover by carpets, so the floor is not great for moving
*people wanna be part of the show and make pics, ENJOY!!! you cannot expect they are serious and clap at the end, think of it as a party!

*dancing expose to outside weather as heat, wind or cold in winter can also affect the performance!
*If you are so used to dance with high heels, you will find little bit hard to dance bare foot again.

To dance in safari as I said is super fun, but probably not the best place to record a show...
if you cross into a safari belly dance video on youtube, think before posting your opinion, that, safaris aren't made for the "performace of the year" but for the "happy dancing time of the year"

You will watch the video from another angle...!!!

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