sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

On the road....

It happens to me many times that, I'm so used to my life style that I found eveything normal, and I think that is "uneventful" when actually I have a non very standard life.... I'm typing this article from iphone, seating in a van with my hundred bags, waiting for the driver to grab a chicken sandwich and a coke, before continue our journey to my next contract in Abu Dhabi.

I've been living this every one or two months when usually the contracts change from  singers and dancers in the places here in UAE, the last working day is always a total mess up, acumulating many things during years of working here, I came the very first time to Emirates with 2 bags, now i have many more, and still I have no place to put all my stuff, among, dresses,shoes,belly dance dresses,sword,wings,canes and even kitchen stuff i have to put what cannot fit in my bags in carton boxes and plastic bags...I'm not alone in my pain, all my fellow dancers experience the same,and even more, to deal with papers, visas and permitions of each place and don't have a clear picture of rules of each country literally leaves our lives in the hands of HR hotels department.

We are the modern beduins of the arabian desert of Dubai, the modern ghawazee travelling from place to place to perform, give our best, make our income monthly, pack again till the next destination. 
❤️with love to all my belly friends in middle east!! 
    (Here Maher the singer with whom I will colaborate in my next contract... On the road to Abu Dhabi)