martes, 12 de febrero de 2013

Ana bashaak - Mayada el Henawi

February, month of love... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL!!!

So as contribution to this "video of the month" sure I wanted to post some song dedicated to love.
The song is a very well known in the arab world, so popular that there's no day the audience don't ask for it.
The singer name is Mayada el Henawi, she is the golden voice of Siria, original from the city of Aleppo,one of the most damage zones cause of civil war this days.
The name of the song "Ana bashaak" which means "I adore you"
It's really nice song, full of love and pain as all the stories between two persons who are madly in love.
This is one part, (the most well known) as some years back the songs used to be really long.
I hope you enjoyi it as I do.

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