domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

The easy job of belly dancing...

I have no idea if all of you (belly dance collegues) will feel identify with this post, for the girls outside Middle east let me explain more or less the rutine for a working belly dancer in here.
You work for a Hotel who gives you house and food, and of course your salary at end of the month,so is a work like other job in the world, the main point in here is that your performance time daily is
1hour total....So here it comes the main topic of this post.

Many people consider "easy money" what we are doing here, people say things such as: -"Wow, 1 hr only??,uff I whish I work only that" or "You got it easy, just go inside shake your ass,smile and halas (arabic expresion that means that's it)"- other people even say stuff like: -" You got to sleep whole day and then 1 hour work and can go party".

It's silly to say I have "the hardest job of all" sure we don't, but besides the glamour and the 1 hour performance, is so much more...

The work of a belly dancer starts since you prepare for the show, make up,warm up your body, there's no "sick leave", there's  no tired, no mood or pain, illness,etc. Belly dancer always sould be there.
I'ts difficult sometimes to dance for people when they are not involve on your show, or when in the whole restaurant is only 2 persons.You have to deal with all sort of people, from the staff to the band,
when you start to feel confortable in the place..Pum! time to pack again and go to new place.

Now.. the duration of the show itself; let me ask you something ¿How do you feel after 1 hour of strong workout in the gym? tired isn't it?'s same story with daily performances...people think we are made of plastic. to this workout, we must add the fact that perform in a show increase your adrenaline even after the show you feel entusiastic, this feeling goes after few hours, which is not letting you sleep in normal times.
It's so hard to put it in words..but to dance  and give your WHOLE body,technic, mind,heart and soul in the stage every single night is tired and worthy to be paid for.

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  1. Besides the time spent to warm up, dress up, make up, etc. There is a lot of time spent to prepare a new show, be aware of new trends in music, techniques so it can be adapted to your show... in other words, time to study. It is work, even though the rest of the mortals do not consider it at all.
    Good luck! I am a big fan of yours. Evallah!