domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

New month, new video!!!
although I must say this clip is not so new, it have some time now, but it's a song that till now keeps
in the mind of everyone, and still people ask for it on the show.
The duo made by Rami Ayach, (Lebanese pop singer) and Ahmed Adaweya worked as a charm...
I find out many girls know the song, but don't know Adaweya,.still I'm sure you dance in some of his most popular hits, back on 70's and 80's..... "kolo ya kolo" and "Salamida umhassan"!! ring a bell???
not yet?? humm... well what about "Bint el sultan" ? see, I told you, sure you know him or at least listen to his voice... "bhebak nass" means "love the people" the full line is "I love the people who laughs a lot or always" really great song, if you never heard about it, enjoy it, and if you did knew it
enjoy it again!!

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