domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

Amar Lammar & Carineé

AHHH.... it's a dream come true when you have the chance to meet your idol...
My learning with the belly dancing was mostly self learning, when I was 13 years old I catch a VHS
videotape in which many lebanese belly dancers were dancing almost together in a huge stage with
a public of hundreds of people,all of them were amazing, but there were a few who really surprise me.Carineé is one of those, her fast head turns mark my dance forever.

I get to meet her this last september in Lebanon, she is besides a great dancer, an example of life.
Due to a dramatic accident Carineé got burned,. her face,chest and hands are mark of this horrible experience,but also a great example of her strong heart, that nothing should keep you down, to don't feel sorry for yourself, to take the life and live it at maximum.She continues dancing, I got the opportunity to watch her  on stage, she is a beautiful woman, when she dance, you never get to see the burning scars, just her smile, her rocking body and a dance as simple as magnificent.
I'm taking the liberty to share with  you a video of her old dancing days...
Carineé... one of the best to me.

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