domingo, 23 de junio de 2013

Warda - loula el malama

I guess is pointless to speak about who wonderful voice and amazing tunes you can find in warda's songs.
I choose this song cause when got to hear it first time, I didn't found it as nice as others, I didn't have feelings for the song itself, and it didn't provoke me any sort of special move in the melody.
This totally change after I came to know the lyrics and the profound meaning of them.
Thanks to a dear friend, now I can enjoy this song like never before and wanna share it with you!!
Here it goes, enjoy!

If there's no blame in the air
I will spread my wings and fly.
I will scape from the world and stop this bad life.
Stop blaming me, Imagine how will be the life without been afraid of the blame.

They asked me many times about you:-¿Do you love him?- (She answers) Yes, yes,yes
Why I have to denied?

They look at me as if they are blaming me, they told me bad words, all this because I love him
all this because I was in love.

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