domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2012

The top 10 products to keep the "look"

My top 10 beauty products to keep "the look" on, and after stage..

1.Eyeshadow primer potion by Urban Decay
It's a powerful weapon in matters to keep the shades and exact blending.. use before apply your eyeshadow.. can buy in Sephora stores.

2.All nighter by Urban Decay
THE BEST AMONG ALL SPRAYS FOR MAKE UP KEEPING... you can get it in sephora store...
about $30.- (really worth it ! )

3.Safety pins
small, cheap and indispensable !!! to keep the dress in good position.. NEVER GO OUT  TO A SHOW WITHOUT THEM!!

4.Make up spray from Sally Hansen for legs, expensive but worth the value
problems with varicose veins? or  maybe bruises from sport? cover it up! in my own experience..using it every single day it last a month!! even if you have perfect legs... really make them look stunning!!!

5.Waterproof converter by Make up forever... it's really forever!!!!
I have some eyeshadows so nice, but so weak when you put it on.. the color seems to fade... my answer was... waterproof converter, it's a liquid to apply straight on the pincel to apply the color, it will stay with you and the intensity and luminosity it's amazing!!

6.Kryolan liquid eyeliner tablet, used with pincel and waterproof gel bottle.
Kryolan is a brand that was created specially for theater, so the product is really high quality!! this tablet will last till you make 90 years! honestly is long lasting and the price for the quantity of product is fare... the only thing that finish often (depending how much you use) is the gel.This one you apply 1 or 2 drops into the tablet and mix with the pincel as if you were a painter apply a fine line in your will love it!

7.Foundation HD make up forever, or kryolan foundation medium-full coverage
nothing more to say... it's a good brand, the foundation is really light yet covers at perfection..little expensive. by Maxfactor 2 in 1 (foundation+serum) or Maybelline 24hrs.. it's great but lack of more tones for different types of may be lucky ;-D I wasn't :-(
in crisis time, sometimes we cannot afford to pay high prices in make up or stuff... this two options above are great in foundations, cheap and worthy... if your skin is oily..try to apply into clean (no creams or primers) skin,as after 4 dances when you clean your sweat, the foundation will go out as well.

9.The push ups inside the belly dance bra… always stitch them to your bra, never put them inside "just for today show" you'll be at the constant risk that it goes out in the middle of the performance
sure you don't wanna show more than necessary right??

10.Lorea`l hair spray.. the last but no least.. put a bit on your comb and pass it through all your hair as a final touch, this is cause sometimes (some type of hair) the electricity of the hair in touch with the veil  will lift it up and the veil will stuck on you. great to keep the liss hair down, and to make curls and keep them for at least  4 songs...

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