viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012

Pack your bags and go !!!

To be a belly dancer who works from country to country it's great!! all time traveling, meeting new people, steping new stages, dancing with diferent bands...all the glamour that goes with a belly dance show,. you know, the amazing dresses full of beads and shiny cristals are some of the first things that, when we see belly dance by first time, catch our attention.
The transporting part is a very difficult one...I remember when I first start to travel (around year 2003)
airlines like "airfrance" & others  gave you 2 bags of 32kg. A luxury which is nowadays only affordable for class premier in the planes. The transporting of belly dance "bedlas" are each time more and more hard..of course to go and do a single show and comeback it's not a problem, but when you
realize that have to take clothes for a whole year it's a different story.
The dresses + normal clothes, shoes, accesories, mac, souvenirs for the friends and even more...
the 23kg bag permited is never enough..
Another down side it's that really is soooo hard to move around when you have so much luggage..
Last month when I got out of Mexico there was this guy flying to NL. as well... I didn't pay much Attention till the employees of the airline were rumoring about him and that he payed over 1,000usd
So, me curious I ask about this, they told me he had 7 bags with him....And I assume he wasn't dancer hahahahaha....

So anyway... I think part of why designers like "Eman Zaki" and "Hicham Hossman" in Egypt make
belly dance dresses with more cristals and less embroidery it's in order to be lightly travel trough the world.

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