miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

Amar Lammar & Omar Sharif 2006

Although this pic is blury I love it !, I met Omar Sharif at the airport of Barcelona waiting the transfer
airplane to Cairo... I wasn't so sure to bother him with a pic, but then I though -"well.. you don't meet Omar Sharif everyday sah7? "-( Sah7 in arabic it's an expression to say "right") So, I went to him:
me: "Excuse me, are you Omar Sharif? " (not so cleaver ice braker)
him: "yes... Iam"
me: "Ohhhh my God, I'm your fan, I saw all your films, can I make a picture with you? "
him: "sure!!!.." (gave me a big hug an pose for the photo)

Then.... disaster! You know those times when you really wanna pic but you are alone, so you are obligated to "ask " a total stranger to click the camera ?? Well Mr. Sharif, came with a friend who took this blury pic... after two shots  same as this one above, I got shy to ask the third one...
Anyway.... was nice to meet someone as important as he is and eventhough so simple and friendly.

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